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    Long before the fall of Hyperborea and the foundation of the Atlantean civilization, another continent existed in the southern hemisphere, the island of Lemuria. Corresponding with the Southern Light and the lunar sphere, Lemuria was the primordial homeland of the proto-Mongoloid, Australoid, Negroid, and Capoid races. Contrary to the Hyperboreans that derive from a masculine, Olympian and Uranian-solar nature, symbolized by the light of the black sun and the green ray of vril, the southern races of Lemuria are symbolized by the chaotic and Dionysian natures of mankind, earth-based pantheism (Mother Nature), predisposition to karmic law, darkness, femininity, and the moon. There is a sacred dualism between these two poles, a spiritual conflict between the Northern Light and the Southern Light, the former relating to the transcendent-solar Hyperborean-Aryan nature and the latter corresponding to the terrestrial-lunar Southern races.

    Julius Evola viewed the Southern races as being from the dark side that possessed a “demonic” nature, describing them as being “archaic and matter-obsessed” who were predisposed to “sacerdotal and naturalistic-pantheist religions of promiscuous vegetal and animal fertility”. Evola relies on an ancient Aryo-Zoroastrian scripture that describes the origins of the Southern races, particularly the Negroid and Capoid races, through coition between a demon and a witch with mankind:
    “Zohak, during his reign, let loose a dev (demon) on a young woman, and let loose a young man on a parik (witch). They performed coition with [the sight] of the apparition; the negro came into being through that [novel] kind of coition” (Bundahishn, XIVB).

    Although this passage seems derogatory in essence, it symbolizes the earth-based pantheism and lunar spirituality of the Southern races that correlates with the West African Vodun and Southern indigenous traditions.

    The White Queen of Atlantis, Mo-Uru (Gaia, SHE-HE) had dominion and sacred authority over Lemuria, the primordial imperium of the Silver Age. The inhabitants of Lemuria were ruled over by the Hyperborean race that brought order and symmetry to the Southern Races, establishing a caste system and formulating a natural hierarchy that brought them human contentment and societal equilibrium. The Hyperboreans did not interfere with the destinies and natures of the Lemurians, since they were separated geographically (possibly through space and time as well), but served as “guides” through spiritual and telepathic means from a great distance. These Atlantean-Hyperborean guides passed on a particle of immortality to the Southern races and initiated the Brahmin-Priestly castes of the Southern races, ordained by the White Queen.

    Catastrophe struck the Lemurian continent and through a natural disaster, the land of the south was covered in ice and their civilization destroyed. The Southern races migrated northward and established early societies in modern-day South America, Central and Southern Africa, Australia, India, and various areas of Asia that were once interconnected. It is unknown if the Asiatics, particularly the modern-day Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese originate from the 3rd island of Mu, separated from the Lemurian races. I believe this theory is quite plausible, since these Asiatic ethnicities are significantly dissimilar both genetically and spiritually to the Australoid, Negroid, and Capoid races.

    After the fall of Lemuria, a substantial population of Lemurians took refuge and migrated to the shores of Atlantis, the earthly Hyperborea. The Lemurian refugees were made into slaves and served under the White Queen. Ultimately, a significant minority of the Atlantean-Hyperboreans mixed their divine blood with the Southern races, ushering in the societal decline and spiritual decadence “when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them”. Atlantis was then destroyed by a great flood; similar to how Hyperborea fell previously during the wars against the Demiurge and its populations were forced to migrate southwards.

    Source: Hyperborealis Aeterna

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    “No happiness without order, no order without authority, no authority without unity.” 

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  • Il risveglio della coronaNon ci può essere interno senza un esterno. Non ci può essere un esoterismo senza essoterismo. Il tuo corpo è un tempio con lo spirito che risiede all’interno. La mente, il corpo e lo spirito, devono essere puri. Gli “Übermensch” del futuro, i veri discendenti della razza Iperborea non saranno solo puri di spirito ma anche puri nella mente e nel corpo. La mente deve incessantemente avanzare verso la conoscenza e allo stesso tempo guardarsi dalle influenze distruttive della nostra epoca. Una maggiore consapevolezza di queste forze dimostrerà che lo scopo del Demiurgo è di impedire la nostra ascesa verso il vento del nord, facendo cadere il nostro spirito in un abisso buio che ci cattura nel ciclo infinito del samsara.
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  • Noi, il libro della resurrezione - La LemuriaSotto l’ombra degli ultimi tre alberi del Toromiro, ella cominciò a ricordare gli antichi tempi: “Niente è sopravvissuto di quella gloria, salvo questa piccola isola, cima di una grande montagna sommersa. Niente altro nell’immensa vastità delle acque. Acqua, acqua da tutte le parti. Siamo nel regno delle Acque, sopravvivendo difficoltosamente. Giganti furono gli abitanti del continente scomparso. Dei, più che Dei. Giunsero dal Polo, dalla Stella del Mattino. Quando tutto fu sommerso dalla grande onda, sulle alte cime si salvarono anche alcuni pastori, schiavi della Lemuria, le razze mescolate dell’animale-uomo. Ed il Pesce, il Grande Pesce.
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